Thursday, July 27, 2006

Original Art Stolen From Comic-Con: Have You Seen Me?

Newsarama has a brief news item about an original piece of George Pratt's art that was stolen at Comic-Con. The art originally appeared in Wolverine: Netsuke #1. Keep your eyes out. It royally pisses the Mister Fanboy staff off when assholes like this abound. It's not like he stole a soda but something that someone poured their heart, soul, and considerable talent into. Becausen we think time is critical with thefts like this, we pasted the news release that Newsarama posted directly here, with our apologies to the good folks at Newsarma.

On the final day of Comic-Con, Wolverine artist George Pratt bumped into a colleague who just happened to make the comment that George's original painting sales "must be going very well." George denied the suggestion, to which his colleague countered, "I saw a guy in the front row of the auction with your Wolverine painting. Wasn't that a $2,500 piece?" George immediately shuffled through his pile of artwork to discover the painting was, indeed, missing in action.

Pratt was proactive, providing a scan of the artwork and filing a police report. His colleague stated that he can readily identify the thief. Comic-Con executives have been most cooperative in providing the police with security tapes to identify the perpetrator.

"To sit in the front row of the auction with my stolen artwork is unbelievably brazen and disgusting," Pratt said. According to Pratt, the artwork is from Wolverine: Netsuke, Issue #1. It is a pen and ink, watercolor, charcoal and Spar varnish piece. For identification purposes, please see the piece (at the top of this post).

Pratt has hired WriteBrain Media publicist Denise Dorman to get the word (and visual of the art) out to relevant online and print publications to prevent the thief from selling the art to an unsuspecting dealer. Dorman requested, "If anyone has information regarding this theft, please contact me directly and I will get the information to George and the proper authorities." Dorman can be reached via email at or via phone at (630) 845-4694.


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