Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Civil War #4: Lots Of BIG Happenings

Have you read it yet? It came out today. We'll try to be cryptic, but fans of the Marvel Universe should really be picking these up if they haven't. A few of the highlights:

Someone dies. Someone BIG. And it's not Hercules, like we thought earlier.
Thor is not all that he appears to be.
The Fantastic Four is in disarray, and will soon be the Fantastic One.
The Anti-Registration Crew loses a few members, even more are captured.
Villains now working as heroes.
Cap gets pissed at quitters.
Iron Man is a royal, raging asshole.
Spider-Man qualms continue to grow.
Yellowjacket actually has a conscience. Who knew?

As for the naysayers out there, we really like this series. Hope you do too. It's enjoyable and seems to set up story ramifications for years to come. Most folks we talk to, come down on Cap's side. However, if we actually had super heroes running around in real life, would you feel the same way? We doubt it.


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