Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Updated: Three Dimensional Cheesecake Sex Objects

The call by Kalinara and Ragnell asking for cheesecake/beefcake images got us thinking about the representation by women in comics in general. If we can over-generalize, a lot of women, those that call themselves feminists as well as those who do not, bemoan the over-objectification of women in comics in terms of their appearance. In the Mister Fanboy Editorial Offices, we like to think of that as the "Porn Star Super Hero Look." Some more argue that this is okay, others will argue as vehemently that it is not. What is hard to argue with is the fact that most female superheroes are depicted as sexpots.

So earlier today, we ran across the image below over on the Comics Continuum of a new Schoolgirl Witchblade Statue (Our PC halves want to call into the question the propriety of the schoolgirl visage, our non-PC sides rationalize it). She's pretty much oozing sex. We read a lot online about how comics are hugely guilty of turning women only into sex pots. But what about these statues, busts, action figures, etc.? We have to admit that we are not dialed into the statue community, so we're curious as to what women think of all this. Is it as bad as the comics? Worse? The same? We're truly curious as to your opinion. Please leave a comment.

And then, just for the sake of argument, what are your opinions about "high art" pieces that are not mass produced and are more personal in nature. Something like the Alan Houser image below (we were looking for something suggestive without venturing into XXX territory). It seems a little suggestive to us. Is that any different in theory? We are truly curious. Let us know. We'll give you our opinion after we start getting a few comments.

By the way, here's our contribution to the Cheesecake/Beefcake Images. Don't forget to click on the link within the post to see the females.

UPDATE: Over at the Blog At Newsarama, they noticed the impropriety of this statue as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never really paid much attention to statues. I guess they'd be the same.

As for art, it would depend on the intent of the artist. Being mass produced (or not) doesn't really have much to do with it.

2:57 AM  
Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Mr. Fanboy,
As a former schoolgirl who had to wear a uniform not at all like that one, but very much like the standard kilt get up, I'm rather appalled at the continuation of the "sexy schoolgirl" myth. Because there is *nothing* sexy about saddle oxfords, or itchy wool skirts.
I have no problem with va-va-voom fashions; one of my problems with the sexy superhero costumes is its lack of realism; it *must* be hard to fight crime in a midriff and heels. Just saying...
As for statues, I see pictures, lots and lots of pictures, of fans across the internet who have statues and action figures of seXXXy superheroes. Most of the time it's collection: I collect Wonder Woman, and Mr. Reads collects Marvel Legends. But sometimes, it's self-gratification, expressive ownership, if you will. Like someone having pictures of pinups all over his or her bedroom.

6:10 AM  

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