Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vacation Pix

As promised, click here to see pictures from last weekend's last minute trip up to Humboldt County, California. One of the most beautiful places in the world. Yeah, we know it's a departure from our usual drivel, but enjoy. Most posts tomorrow.



Blogger Kenneth said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Humboldt Co. I was just thinking about the Elk assuming that they no longer existed from my childhood memory. I'm happy to see that mother nature takes care of herself and the beauty is still there. I lived in Arcata from 1956 to 1967 as a youngster. Then it was still possible to walk into old growth forest not on government land which of course was eventually logged. My dad was a logger and I've often said that he would burn in hell for killing a 1,000 year old tree. As a kid I could only imagine what the coast looked like before loggers started cutting first growth. The reason I'm writing is a way of dealing with my anger towards the government and forest industry for taking what they wanted and then moving on to the S. American rain forest to again strip the land of it's resources that we will never see again. The Carson mansion is an indication of the will of the people who live there now. They do not want tourist. They like the isolation so that they can grow marijuana unabated. If the fish and forest were left alone, even the second growth for the purpose of tourism it would be a booming industry. The Carson mansion was originally built by a lumber family. It is one of the few man made sites Humboldt Co has and they are not interested in opening it up to the public. It's a private club. Come on! The other beef I have is that when all the forest were clear cut and there was only the scraps left they used these scraps for pulp. First it was one mill that made Eureka smell like a toilet and then there were so many people working out on the peninsula they opened another pulp mill that spewed more stink into the surrounding area and they built a bridge across the bay to support the mills. Then after the scraps were used up the mills closed and the bridge was no longer needed but is still an ugly eye sore. The pulp mills dumped all the sewage into the bay killing huge oyster beds, crabs and other life. I understand that some of that is recovering. Thanks for letting me vent. If I was God I'd find the politicians the lumber barons and everyone involved in the lumber and fishing industry and send them to hell to burn. Yes I would also be a vengeful God. ken

1:25 PM  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Well, since I can't really comment on what it WAS like, I do know that it's still a beautiful place. It's full of progressives, so perhaps there's hope for the future. I do know that there's a thriving eco-friendly oyster aquaculture industry there (not like eco-deadly salmon farms), and I suspect there will be some recruitment of its spat into the natural environment of the bay. Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the pictures.

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