Friday, May 05, 2006

Civil War Upon Us - God Save the Children

Marvel's Big Summer Event is Here. Civil War tells the story of Union and Confederate Soldiers who ... no wait, that's something else entirely.

Basically, some D-List super heroes screw up royally, taking a bunch of civilians out (i.e., killing them - but it's a comic, maybe little Johnny will come back to life). Who are these D-Listers? No, I am not talking about Tori Spelling or even Charles Nelson Reilly.

I'm talking about folks like Speedball (no, not that from the 80s) and Namorita. Cousin to Namor. Get it? Ain't it just quaint.

Anyway, because of all the dead innocents, the US tries to pass the Superhero Registration Act to bring the metahumans and mutants under some sort of government sanction (because the US Government is so on the ball with things like that like we are in Darfur). Some heroes think it's a good idea, others see it as an invasion of privacy and perceive potential damage to their loved ones if their secret identities are revealed (Foggy Nelson anyone?).

Marvel promises that the event will cause major rifts in the Superhero Community. Then again, Marvel promises a lot with its promos. On one side we have Iron Man and on the other Captain America. The first issue hit stores on Wednesday. Expect an update and review this weekend. In the meantime, which side are you on? Personally, I am on the left hand side.


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