Tuesday, June 27, 2006

San Diego Comic-Con Right Around the Corner

Before you know it, Comic-Con in San Diego will be upon us (July 20 -23). We at Mister Fanboy are still reeling in sticker shock for our hotel rooms. Luckily, we found a hotel about 5 miles from the convention center for ONLY $130/night. Yes, we said only. There are some cheaper rooms down in San Ysidro, near the Tijuana border, but the location appeared to be a bit sketchy. San Diego is VERY expensive in the summer. We feel very lucky that our day job is requiring us to visit San Diego this summer and is paying for one of those nights and our mileage/gas (not an insignificant thing these days), and that we were able to finagle it so that we visited during Comic-Con. Convenient, huh.


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