Friday, July 28, 2006

3 Great Marvel Comics We've Read Lately

Every once in a while you read something that is just fun, illuminating or surprising in one way or another. It happened to us recently when we read New X-Men #28, New Avengers #22, and Daredevil #87. Here's why we think they were so great.

New X-Men #28

A character is discovered dead, the name of which we won't tell you here. But the character is related to current X-Men. However, for us, the most intriguing part is the conversation between Ms. Marvel and Emma Frost, with Cyclops interjecting here and there. Ms. Marvel goes to the Xavier Mansion to inform the X-Men of the youngsters death. She chooses to do it herself since she has a past with the X-Men. While she's there, she hopes to convince the X-Men to sign on to the Superhero Registration Act. Emma essentially mauls her with logic, so much so that Ms. Marvel can't argue and hardly has a leg to stand on and can't answer Emma's harangue. All the while Cyclops is trying to get his lover to tone it down. It's an excellent exchange. I've read a lot of criticism of the new direction that this book has taken. If this is any indication, I think it's a good one.

New Avengers 22#

This issue sees Iron Man and Ms. Marvel trying to convince Luke Cage and Jessica Jones to sign on to the Superhero Registration Act.

Spoiler Warning

Luke and Jessica decline, each making a different fateful decision as to their future. The conversation between Ms. Marvel and Jessica is one of two best friends having a major disagreement. The exchanges between Cage and Iron Man are steeped in 1960s-era civil rights-speak. I think we all knew that Luke was going to decline. However, what happens when S.H.I.E.L.D. comes for him is a different story altogether, and even gets the neighborhood involved.

Daredevil #87

This one is so full of spoilers and surprises that we can't talk about it freely without giving you the following:


Punisher breaks Daredevil out of Rykers.
The man masquerading as Daredevil is NOT Hawkeye. He has been hired by someone who was misleading him and may have been behind Foggy's Death. That man is none other than Danny Rand, Iron Fist, Luke Cage's old partner. This is discovered after a throw-down with the real Daredevil. Daredevil and Iron Fist set out to find out who is behind all of this, most likely with Dakota North in tow.
The FBI get its ass handed to them on a plate.
Foggy is still alive and is supposedly in the witness protection program. Considering the fact that Iron Fist's been mislead, we left the issue with the distinct feeling that Foggy was kidnapped, but didn't really know it.


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