Friday, July 07, 2006

Superman Returns Is Part Of The Godless Agenda Of The Liberal Elite: Bill O'Reilly Steps Into (It?) Debate

Mister Fanboy Movies has an interesting tidbit of information.

A friend of mine sent me an editorial written by Fox News' Blowhard-In-Residence Bill O'Reilly.

And quite frankly, I think Bill is like a week late. When I saw the film and heard Perry White say "truth, justice, and all that stuff," I knew it was coming from somewhere on the right. In the earlier films and on TV, Superman was described to be fighting for "truth, justice, and the American way." O'Reilly rightly points out that Warner Bros. doesn't want to antagonize foreign markets (which make up at least half of most films' profits), with too much American jingoism.
Yes, I am loathe to agree with him. But no more!

However, he gets his panties all up in a knot about the progressive agenda to do this or that - honestly, I just have to tune him out after a while. To us, it's ironic that Bill criticize a company that's looking to maximize its profits. I thought he was pro-capitalist. Is he a pinko commie? We wonder. Also, isn't his parent company the same one that produces 24 (which we like, but we understand the difference between fiction and reality). And didn't 24 show President Logan in semi-league with terrorists in the past season? Why isn't Mr. Former Tabloid Journalism complaining about how Hollywood is providing fodder for the enemy by portraying the presidency in this manner? Oh, and by the way, your opinions against the war are not your own. They're part of a vast left-wing conspiracy, apparently. Fair and balanced? Ha.

To read the article, click here but don't throw up on your computer, please.

-Mister Fanboy Movies


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