Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Owensville: A Short Film

Today, one of the Mister Fanboy staff was surprised that he found something of interest in his university alumni newsletter. His old room mate had a major hand in a short film called Owensville that won two awards at the 48 Hour Film Project: "Best Film Directing, Cinematography, and Screenplay" and "Best of DC" awards. The idea behind the film festival is simple: The group of filmmakers/actors (who collectively call themselves the Shaolin Monkeys), have 48 hours to write, stage, film and edit a short 4-7 minute film. Their winning entry follows a Mormon missionary who can't ride a bike and a young woman who is too scared to walk more than 1000 steps outside of her home. It's a lot of fun and only 5 minutes long. Check it out here. The film has also been accepted into next month's D.C. Shorts Film Festival. Congrats to everyone involved.


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