Friday, August 04, 2006

Wizard World Chicago News

Even though Comic-Con was just a few weeks ago, it's time for another comic convention. Here's some of the news that we culled from the net today. Check out Newsarama as they have the most complete info. we've found.

*Wonder Man: My Fair Supervillain by Peter Alan David and Andrew Currie will be a mini where Wonder Man tries to rehabilitate a female villain named Ladykiller. Sounds like a superhero version of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, later made into the musical and film My Fair Lady. Look for it by the end of the year. The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains ...

*Marvel Editorial prepared a list of obscure characters for writers that they could kill off in Civil War related titles. Look for Typeface to die. We thought for sure that he was destined to be in the Great Lakes X-Men/Great Lakes Avengers/Whatever They Are Calling Themselves now.

*What If titles are back. For now. It looks like they're alternate ending of recent minis. What If ... ? comis were one of our favorite concepts ever where writers get to screw with comic continuity knowing it won't ever matter. First up we have What If? Avengers Disassembled The description made no sense really because they already did disassemble, but we'll still get it.

Next we have What If? Spider-Man: The Other. Besides a forum for an excessive use of punctuation in one title, the series looks to be a look at an alternate ending for that mini that we never read.

There's also What If? Wolverine: Enemy of the State, which wonders what would happen if the Wolverine killing machine taken over by the H.A.N.D. was never deprogrammed.

Although there's no additional info. yet, look for What If? Age of Apocalypse and What If? X-Men: Deadly Genesis minis too.

*The Immortal Iron Fist ongoing by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction. Considering the exposure he's getting in Daredevil and Civil War, it may be a hit.

* Watch out for Spider-Man: Reign to look at Spidey in the future.

* Pablo Raimondi will be the new regular writer for X-Factor (one of the best comics out there) with an upcoming issue where all of the main characters (Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man, Guido/Strong Guy, Rahne/Wolfsbane, We forgot/Rictor, Monet St. Croix/M, Layla Miller/Nothing yet, and maybe Pietro/Quicksilver/Ass Hole!) get psychoanalyzed by Doc Samson. Now memorize that. There will be a quiz. Should be a fun read.

*New Avengers #24 and an issue of Civil War: Frontline will see the Inhumans. New Avengers #26 will feature the return of Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. The will issue will take a look at where they have been since they have gone missing/died/whatever.

* Some other intrepid fan asked Joe Quesada, Marvel Editor-In-Chief, the same question we did at Comic-Con, wanting to know more about David Mack's new pitch to Marvel. Yet again Joe Q. didn't reveal squat. Take the hint Joe. We want more Mack. We are willing to wait for it. Just put it in the pipeline.

* A 5 issue mini will feature pre-Civil War stories where the Illuminati, first featured in New Avengers: The Illuminati, impact a variety of momentous comic events. In their first appearance, they dispatched the Hulk to space. Additionally, we saw how Professor Xavier, Iron Man, Reed Richards, Namor, Doctor Strange, and Black Bolt did or did not decide to join the group and basically set up a secret cabal.

*More Firestar in Civil War: Frontline. By the way, you'd think we'd see an Emma Frost/Firestar reunion by now.

*This is a surprise: Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy character will appear in Civil War: New Avengers/Runaways #2.

*Marvel hinted at major ramifications from the Thunderbolts in their solo title and in the Marvel Universe. Will this be enough for us to keep buying it? We're on the fence with this title due to its inconsistency. We need more information.