Friday, September 22, 2006

Masters Of American Comics Exhibit Now In Two Museums on East Coast

Much like the internet being cracked in half this week with all of the Civil War bitching, the Masters of American Comics exhibit has been split between the Jewish Museum in New York and the Newark Museum in New Jersey. We have never been to either museum, but one of the Mister Fanboy Staff previously worked at a museum that brought in several excellent traveling shows from the Newark Museum. At any rate, the exhibit in question here is a great opportunity to see some of the early shapers of the comic form, including comic strips and comic books. The exhibit was originally organized at the Hammer Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, both in Los Angeles. The exhibit opened last weekend in both venues and will be up through January 28, 2007. Here's a brief article on the exhibit at the Jewish Museum, and here's another that takes a look at the exhibit in both institutions. Here's a review as well. So if you live in or are traveling to the area, you should check them out. Most of the Mister Fanboy Staff is taking a field trip this weekend to LA to the LA County Museum or Art and to take in the thee-ater as well. We'll report back with anything of interest when we get back.


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