Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All The Torture - Now With Half The Guilt

We found the above image over at Boing Boing.

It all went down last week, but the so-called moderate Republicans in the U.S. Senate caved to the White House and came up with new rules governing both the treatment of detainees and the farce of a criminal trial.

Call it what you want, but torture is torture.

Even worse, not applying habeas corpus protections to terrorists is just wrong. At what point did it become acceptable to treat others differently from what we want to be treated? And to do it all under the guise of semantics is just so fucking disingenuous. By calling someone an "enemy combatant," Shrub basically can hold someone for a very, very long time. We think these people should get a trial. We don't care if the person's satan's love child, but he/she deserves a trial and not to be shuttered away so we don't ever have to hear from them. Just because someone is not working at the behest of a nation-state doesn't mean the U.S. should piss all over its own traditions. They deserve an opportunity to go to trial, face their accusers and the evidence, and try to defend themselves, regardless if I think they're assholes or not.

I think Shrub is an asshole and if I saw proof (real proof, not armchair liberal demagoguery) that he committed a crime, I would want him to get a trial. Wouldn't you?

What do you think?


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