Thursday, October 12, 2006

Returning to Terra: Pros And Cons

Many fans for the Teen Titans fondly remember Terra, the rock wielding team member that was actually in league with Deathstroke and found her untimely end. Yes, we said fondly. She was a tragic character, in the same vein as Cassandra in the Greek tragedies (well, maybe not that tragic). She chain-smoked and cussed and was a traitor. Yet we loved her. Newsarama has an article on Terra's return in next month's Supergirl. Now we don't read Supergirl, but will be picking it up for a look-see. Following that, the character will head on over to her own Terra mini-series.

But here's the rub, it's not the original Terra, if we are to believe the necessary obfuscation that the article imparts (big words, bear with us). Nor is it the second Terra, who may or may not have been the original one (we won't go there for fear of confusing you any more than you already are). Supposedly she has a link to the origin of the original Terra, but of course we do not know how that will pan out. We will check it out no matter what, but we were wondering, why not bring the original back? We know the new character will be out and about soon, so it appears to be a done deal. But here are a few pros and cons to bringing back the original.

Pro: Fans loved her. These are comics and characters come back from the dead all of the time. Con: Her character ran its course. She's dead and fans would never accept her resurrection.

Pro: Great powers/attitude.
Con: There are lots of other similar characters out there, maybe not with the same powers but ones that result in the same thing (concussive blasts, earth tremors, etc.).

Pro: Tragic figure who could work for redemption, or on the other end of the spectrum, embrace her darker side.
Con: We are sick of complicated anti-heroes.

Pro: Lots of potential crossover with other characters who did or did not know her.
Con: The same argument can be made for just about any other character

Pro: Her character endures.
Con: They've already brought her back once, why try again?

Pro: The Teen Titans cartoon did a good job of introducing the character to a new generation that is likely hungry for more stories with her.
Con: She died in the cartoon too - stop disturbing the dead!

So here's the consensus around the Mister Fanboy Editorial Offices: We want the original back. It's been 20 years since she died. As fans, we wouldn't feel betrayed if she came back. It may be a stunt of sorts, but it's nothing like the Superboy Prime breaking apart different realities in the DCU or the return of Jean Grey in the MU. Having said that, we will give the new character a fair shake. Hopefully her connection to the original is more than tangential. Either way, we wish the creative teams success on these projects.

Readers: Where do you stand? Pro or Con? Let us know in the comments section.


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