Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Invitation: Stilt Man's Wake

A few weeks ago, we got word that Marvel might be offing our favorite useless villain, Stilt Man. In an attempt to save him, we asked those interested to please sign an online petition to prevent his untimely death. Fast forward one week later and not one of you bothered to sign it. Always willing to embrace mob rule, we then gave Marvel explicit permission to kill off Stilt Man. Because we clearly have lots of pull in the Marvel editorial offices, they have decided to take us up on our offer and kill our Stitly. How do we know? For one, we are not stupid. Besides that, we ran across the solicitation for a February issue of Punisher: War Journal #4. By the way, it appears that Punisher may have killed two villains in Civil War #5, released today. Here's the solicitation that we mentioned above (above photo from there as well).

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #4 Written by MATT FRACTION Pencils and Cover by MIKE DEODATO "Small Wake for a Tall Man" In the ashes of CIVIL WAR comes this modest service for its tallest victim -- the stainless steel sultan of stretch, Stilt Man! In a sleazy pub, Frank Castle's first super-victim is laid out on the tables, his life and legacy celebrated by a veritable who's who of Marvel villains that come to pay their respects, not just for a fallen friend, but for a lost way of life. Raise a glass, friends, and join us in this year's MUST SEE funeral! Even Spider-Man's gonna be there!


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