Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comic-Con day 1 Report:

Day 1 has come and gone and we’re not sure what we’ve got to show for it. Perhaps it’s because we only visited one full and two half panels. Perhaps it was the early flight, checking into our hotel and the late arrival. Or maybe it was the ½ mile line just for pre-registered attendees to register. On top of all of that, we totally dropped the ball in taking photos and the ones we did pretty much sucked. Whatever our problems were, here’s a blow by blow …

The line to register sucked. We did not encounter nearly as many problems and we cannot tell you why. Let’s be honest. Comic-Con needs to consider a different location. It’s grown way too unwieldy for San Diego to handle – and we really like San Diego. Perhaps Vegas? And we’re not just saying that because we live there. We’re saying that because there’s lots more convention space and accommodations.

The exhibit hall was packed, as we expected. Saturday will just be insane. Last we heard they had less than 2000 tickets for tomorrow left, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it already sold out.

David Mack continued to be very gracious and signed about 15 issues for us. We also bought his new children’s book The Shy Creatures, which spun out of Kabuki: Alchemy in a way.

It’ll be out in bookstores and ye oldde comic shoppes soon. We warned him that we had more to bring each day this weekend. He truly is the nicest and one of the most talented guys in the industry today. He’s at the Image booth if you’re able to attend. His significant other – her name escapes me unfortunately – is very kind as well. We’ll be back there tomorrow and will hopefully get some pix.

Mondo Marvel Panel: Oddly, it seemed anticlimactic. Sure they announced a new Captain Marvel title, but after Civil War: The Return who didn’t see that coming. JMS was interesting … but we’re more interested in his panel on the new Babylon 5 direct-to-DVD title out next week.

It was announced that Marvel beat DC at their annual softball game 16-9, which oddly mirrors Marvels recent sales dominance in terms of $’s. Other things we’re announced that we didn’t care too much about. Way too much discussion of the Iron Man movie for our tastes (we admit, we never warmed up to the creator, regardless of his sheer disckishness a la Civil War).

Film director and well known actor Jon Favre stopped by. Machine Man will be showing up as a supporting character in Ms. Marvel and will be drinking a lot (yippee). That’s about all we remember.

We also accidentally went to the 1st half of a panel on the new Demon’s of Mercy game, for which Marvel did an exclusive comic that we got.

Amber Benson (Buffy’s Tera) did one of the voices. She looked stoned as a goat.

Marvel handed out variant editions of New Avengers #31 (the Skrull issue), but it’s basically a B and W rendering of the original cover. But still, it’s nice.

After a very leisurely dinner, we couldn’t get a seat for the upcoming Superman/Doomsday DVD, which didn’t sadden us too much. We did attend the Kung Fun/Superhero Film Extravaganza which we truly liked. However, all of the walking and traveling of the day really hit us and we had to take the shuttle back to our hotel for some shuteye, but we thought we’d do this post for you all first.

Finally we did pick up some swag for our dear friend Amy Reads over at Arrogant Self-Reliance, that we’ll give her the details about next week. Sorry we’ve been so bad about visiting the blog lately Amy. More swag updates tomorrow.

That’s all for today. Not too sure if we’ll have internet access during the rest of the stay or not. If not, look for an update on Monday.

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Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Mister Fanboy,
Swag for moi? Huzzah!!! :)
Thanks for Thinking of Me!
Amy, who wants to know what it is! :)

5:20 AM  
Blogger Fanboy said...

Yes, that's right. Swag. see you email ...

6:23 PM  

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