Monday, July 30, 2007

Comic-Con Day 2 Report

Curse you Blogger. We wrote this post once already and then it disappeared when doing a Spell Check.

As a result, here’s a brief version.

Lots of comics signed by:

Our favorite, David Mack

Peter David, including information on upcoming
hardcover from IDW of Fallen Angel and goings-ons in X-Factor

Gail Simone where we professed our sadness over her leaving Birds of Prey, our fondness of Welcome to Tranquility, and the excitement a certain female blogger has over her penning Wonder Woman (you know who you are).

Also of interest:

Dan Slott showed us images from an upcoming issue of She-Hulk and discussed a brief cameo of Squirrel Girl in the animated Fantastic Four.

We attended the Mondo Marvel panel, but there’s nothing we could tell you that other blogs haven’t already reported, except that Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada has lost a ton of weight since last year.

The Babylon 5 panel, regarding the direct to DVD film to be released tomorrow, was a blast. Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, JMS, and Peter Woodward, among others, were present.

All of Comic-Con officially sold out all 4 days today.

Although it’s crowded here, the organizers seem to have done a nice job considering. We still think they should consider relocating it to Vegas.

We pretty much dropped the ball on Photos for Friday, but the crack Mister Fanboy Photographic Team was in full force on Saturday. Look for a post and more photos tomorrow.

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