Friday, October 26, 2007

Comic-Gate: Hillary Clinton Smear Job

Fair warning. We are getting political.

Mister Fanboy constantly receives politically themed emails from one of its parental units. Fair enough. Said parental unit has - as far as Mister Fanboy is concerned - an almost illogical dislike of Hillary Clinton. By no means is she our favorite Democrat on the block, but if it were to come down to her or any of the crop of Republicans, she would get our vote for president.

At any rate, said parental unit passed along this clip from a film made by one of her detractors that - to our surprise - has a comic book connection. Basically, it involved Peter Paul of Stan Lee Media, who was a fundraiser for her first Senate run, and how she distanced herself from him once the Washington Post revealed that he had a previous felony convinction. From there, her campaign made some missteps in terms in how his contributions here reported. Clearly Mr. Paul is bitter. Perhaps he should be. At the same time, he is also being used by operatives of her enemies. Dare I say it? A vast right wing conspiracy? Check it out for yourself. Please note that Stan Lee is not coming across as a Republican shill.
Click here or on the photo above to see Video (Yet again we fail in our attempts to embed it here-sorry).

Who knows if this thing will gain traction or not? Anyone know more about this?

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