Monday, November 26, 2007

Gail Simone's Wonder Woman Profiled in the New York Times

We clicked on the New York Times website this afternoon and lo and behold, we find a feature on Gail - one of our fave comics writers - front and center. The article focuses on both Gail's career and her taking over the sometime troubled (my opinion) Wonder Woman title. To read the article, click here. It will appear in tomorrow's edition of the paper.
One reason we love Simone's work is that it is pure and unabashed fun. Topical yes, but not mired in the grit that so many of our other fave comics seem to wallow in. It's great to just enjoy yourself -and we do- when we read her books. We loved her runs on Agent X and Birds of Prey, which she has since sadly moved on from. We truly dig Welcome to Tranquility. And her first issue of Wonder Woman, bodes well. We tried for years to get into the title and haven't been able to in the past. If anyone can do it, it's Gail.

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