Monday, May 22, 2006

Mister Fanboy TV: Alias and 24 Finales Tonight

A few heads up about tonight's finales.

24: Begins at 8 PM. This 2-hour season finale takes follows the last 2 hours in the crap days that are Jack Bauer's life. This season has been one high-octane event after another. Although there are lots of villains, President Logan takes the cake.

I suspect Jack, the first lady and the intrepid Secret Service Agent Aaron will be critical in foiling his plans.

But I've been wrong before -- like when they killed off Edgar.


Alias: Begins at 9 PM. This 2-hour SERIES finale tries to wrap up all the Rimbaldi crap that those of us who are more interested in hot spy chicks with guns have had to suffer through during the last 4 years. Thankfully, the performances are great. I'd like to single out Ron Rifkin,

Victor Garber,

Lena Olin and,

of course, Jennifer Garner,

among many others for making something that could have been so hokey, very intriguing.

Obviously, we have a TV viewing conflict. Better get that TiVo cranked up. If not, hopefully ABC will have the Alias episode on its streaming downloads tomorrow.


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