Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Berry Declares "No More Mutants"

Okay, actually she said no more superheroes. Apparently, Halle Berry has publicly stated that she's done playing superheroes. At the age of 39, we should hope so. Ouch. We are only kidding. Sort of.

Sure she did a good job as Storm.

But Storm was never an important part of the story and just didn't live up to the character's potential, through no fault of the actress. Reportedly, X-Men: The Last Stand has more for Storm to do. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

And then there was Catwoman.

Along with the whore of Hollywood (Sharon Stone),

it was beyond bad. It was hideous. Thankfully, it tanked and we shall see no sequels. And really, what was DC thinking when they let the filmmakers revision the story so it wasn't Selina Kyle, but someone different (ironically, in her solo comic, Catwoman just had a baby and someone else is using her guise, but the original Catwoman is in on it)?

Plus, there aren't many mainstream female African-American or African superheroes out there. Her choices are Captain Marvel/Photon/Monica Rambeau/Whatever Name She's Going By These Days,

Misty Knight (if we consider her a superhero),

Cecilia Reyes (I think she's part African),


and what else? Pickings are slim. Am I forgetting anyone?

Unless they do a Black Panther/Storm Wedding movie. I give you permission to do it, only because Black Panther is a cool character.

So in summary, after Catwoman, we welcome this announcement.


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