Thursday, May 18, 2006

Superheroes on TV Report: Not so super

According to Variety, the rag (mag) covering the entertainment industry, the Fall won't be a bonanza of superhero related TV as originally thought.

The CW (the new merged UPN/WB networks) has renewed Smallville.

No surprise there as Smallville has beat all ratings expectations. Unfortunately, Mercy Reef, the pilot based on Aquaman and coming from the producers of Smallville, was not picked up.

Similarly, CBS has chosen not to pick up the pilot for Ultra, based on the comic miniseries of the same name. If you're unfamiliar with the series, pick up the trade paperback. Every woman that I know that has picked it up has loved it.

It's from the Luna Brothers, the same guys who bring us the super-creepy Girls comic.

However, NBC has placed Heroes on its fall schedule. Although it's not based on an established superhero property, according to the Washington Post, Heroes "chronicles the lives of ordinary people who, during a total eclipse, discover they have super powers -- the young dreamer who can fly, the young man who can make time stop, the convict who wakes up outside his prison cell. And, of course, the high school cheerleader who is totally indestructible." No word yet if the new show is actually any good.

Scroll down below to see a previous story about Stan Lee's upcoming Superhero reality show.


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