Sunday, June 18, 2006

In Case You've Been Living Under a Rock ...

Although we hoped to keep the secret for a week when we posted news that Civil War #2 contained a H-U-G-E plot plot point in the life of Spider-Man, we've decided we can do so no longer (mostly because many, many mainstream news organizations have reported it in the alst few days). What is it, you ask? Simply put, Spider-Man has revealed to the world in a press conference that his secret identity is none other than Peter Parker. This was all done in the context of the passage of the Superhero Registration Act by Congress, forcing superheroes to register their powers with the government, ostensibly coming under the government's control, and the possibility of a government paycheck as a federal crime-fighting employee as well. To be sure, the act is creating a schism in the superhero community. Spider-Man is often seen as the heart of the Marvel Universe. For him, the safety of his loved ones has always been paramount. If his secret identity was revealed, then he'd put them in danger. However, with the Act looming, things have changed for ol' Spidey. He's now an Avenger, allowing him more respectability in the eyes of the public than ever before. Aunt May and Mary Jane both know about his secret-identity. Most interestingly, he has come under the tutelage of Iron Man (Tony Stark, who revealed his secret identity a few weeks ago as well), who has strongly endorsed the act. It all seems like it's been too easy; has Tony slipped Spidey a mickey to make things go his way? Only time will tell. The main point is that Peter Parker's life will now change for ever. Although living at the Avenger's Headquarters allows he and his family some semblance of protection, M.J. is an actress and model and is out in public periodically. Will that put her in danger? What will this do to Peter's career as a teacher? All interesting stuff. Let's see what this does to the character long-term but there is no doubt that this is a huge event in his life. We are guessing Spider-Man will get hit wit lots of civil suits from both villians claiming damage and from others. One funny aside: In CW #2, J. Jonah Jameson, Editor of the Daily Bugle and, in a sense, Spider-Man's greatest (human) nemesis as well as Peter Parker the freelance photographer's employer, faints at the news. Pretty funny stuff. Can't wait to see where this goes.


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