Tuesday, June 13, 2006

R.I.P. Hard Time

Last week saw the release of Hard Time #7, the final issue of the series. We just want to take a moment to acknowledge the well written and drawn series. It followed the story of Ethan, convicted in a mass school shooting (even though he thought it a scam but his friend came armed) while he was in high school. The series spends 99% of its time with Ethan in prison. For us, it was the best part of the series. The supporting characters really make the series. Mostly fellow inmates, they really help propel the story. Along the way Ethan develops a conscious power kinda thing, allowing him to ultimately have out of body experiences while still in his cell. The final issue fast-forwards 49 years later to show us a parole hearing that will determine Ethan's fate and at the same time relive his memories through the help of some futuristic machine, Do yourself a favor. Find the back issues and pick them up. Note that the current series is a Season 2, kinda like Marvel did with She Hulk and Ultimates.


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