Monday, June 12, 2006

Your a Wonder, Wonder Woman: New Wonder Woman Revealed

So last week I was at my local comic shop, perusing the new titles and ran across the reboot of the Wonder Woman solo series. Never the biggest fan of the character (though I don't dislike her by any means), I was intrigued by what had been going on with the character in the Infinite Crisis mini and its lead-up and decided to pick up hte new issue. For those that didn't read it, she purposely killed Maxwell Lord (who was mind-controlling Superman to kill Batman). This resulted in a schism amongst the three in regards to their core principles, and calls for her trial for murder (an unsympathetically edited version of the killing was broadcast worldwide by an OMAC). As the mini started to wrap, DC let it be known that a new Wonder Woman would be taking over. Perhaps I am dense, but all of the misdirection/hints about the identity that came from DC strongly hinted that the new WW would be from one of the alternate Earths. Wrong! In fact, the answer was so obvious that I felt like a dumbass when I read the issue.


The new Wonder Woman is none other than Donna Troy, AKA Wonder Girl. She's probably best known from her stint in the Teen Titans. It's her turn to step up to the plate and wear the mantle. She was groomed for this for years and now it's her time. The writing by Allan Heinberg does a nice job of explaining the hows and whys of this event. Throughout, we see three classic villains reintroduced. What about the original WW you ask? Read the issue: She does make an appearance at the end, but not as WW. Not too sure about her outfit though, kinda reminds me of the Moth from the Tick.


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