Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Magicks Made Me Do It

Just yesterday, we saw the above image, from the upcoming Brian K. Vaughan-penned series Strange. We really like Vaughan's work, but sometimes we just don't know what we're getting into with Doctor Strange. Let's take 3 relatively recent comic appearances. There was the JMS mini Strange that revamped his origin and had a brooding-action style. Then there was the recent Dead Girl mini where the Doc was a comic foil with more than a few creepy idiosyncrasies. Most recently, he appeared in Ms. Marvel and at one point I thought they were going to tear each other's clothes off and ravish each other. So after seeing the above image, as much as I like Vaughan's work, I decided to pass it up.

Not anymore. Newsarama posted a preview of the series and, although it's brief, it hooked me. So whomever's job it is to leak these things and to choose which panels go out as pre-press, it's time you got a raise. It worked.


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