Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sidekick Kicks Ass

Need a little smart ass with your comics on Wednesdays? Be sure to pick up the Paul Jenkins'-penned Sidekick. The 5-issue mini follows the travails of Eddie, a sidekick to a very clueless superhero. Eddie is a pizza delivery man (he's in his 20s), with a penchant for the ladies, weed, and beer who is barely living paycheck to paycheck. When he finds out that his partner is raking in millions on action figures bearing his likeness without him getting a cent, he visits other local heroes offering his services as a sidekick (in costume - or in drag in one case - so that his original hero won't catch on). He plays the odds, hoping someone will help him out. Unfortunately, they all take him up on the offer. And did I mention he's sleeping with his first hero's old lady? Fun and mayhem ensues. Check it out. It's plain fun.


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