Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is There Something In The Ink?

There must be something in it, or maybe paper. Possibly even keyboards. In the last year or so we've seen not just one, but several seemingly un-Civil (bad comic pun, we apologize) disagreements between comics creators. First there was the ever continuing brouhaha between DC and Marvel, and Neil Gaiman vs. Todd McFarlane, then we have Alan Moore vs. DC. Then, within the last few months we had Brian Michael Bendis vs. Gail Simone. Well now ladies and gentlemen, we tell you of the latest in the line of tete a tetes: John Byrne vs. Peter David. Read the story from Blog At Newsarama here. Forgetting the substance of that particular argument, what the fuck is up?

We provide you our own simplistic answer, one that the most daft of blind squirrels could discover. Namely, it's the damn internet. The internet for allowing people to complain ad nauseum about something -- anything -- and still have an audience! The internet for its ability to allow human beings to quickly send off an angry message without thinking of the consequences (there is a reason that some states have 24-hour waiting/cooling off periods before you can walk out of a store with a gun). The internet for allowing the comics media to be ever-present. The internet for allowing schmucks like us stand up on a soapbox where someone is bound to stop and listen, not to mention agree or disagree. The internet for allowing the publishers and creators to pander like $3 crack-whores.

If you don't agree with the above, go on the internet and complain about it. In fact, start here. It will be fun.

--Mister Fanboy Staff

PS: We will save you the trouble and remind you that we know we're being overly simplistic you fucktard!


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