Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Who's the? What the?

Really now? What's this all about?

(See the Blog At Newsarama for more.)

I mean, I know that he said he wished Spider-Man had not married Mary Jane, but I thought head Marvel honcho Joe Quesada said killing Mary Jane was not an option. Admittedly, I need to double check it. Any help out there? I hope this is just a stunt (well no, not really, but it's better than the alternative). Perhaps now that Spidey has unmasked himself as Peter Parker too many of his foes get too close and she has to go into hiding for her own safety. Kind of like a witness protection (not unlike current developments in Daredevil).

Angst is ok, but hasn't Spider-Man been through quite a bit lately?

Meanwhile, I am watching Spike Lee's documentary on HBO about New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina (today's the one year anniversary), and in reality the image and any associated kvetching really doesn't matter.


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