Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Omega Flight Announced

Marvel announced over the weekend that a new Omega Flight series will debut in 2007 under Mike Oeming (who does the art for Powers, among others) and Scott Kollins. Newsarama has a nice article with Oeming here. It will be a team primarily based in Canada, but it appears that it will be much more than that. Read the article. As the for picture above, the article did spill the beans that the figure to the far right that looks something like Thor is Beta Ray Bill. It also appears that we have a Spider- woman of some kind or another, a shield very similar to Captain America's, and a character wearing the old Guardian costume. Finally, the article does mention that at least one character will be a member of the old alpha flight. We're putting our money on Talisman, or possibly Snowbird. Neat stuff.


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