Saturday, September 02, 2006

Frank Miller Audio Essay on NPR,on 9/11

Comics creator (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and film director (co-director of Sin City and the solo director of the upcoming 300) Frank Miller will be featured on NPR's Morning Edition on September 11, 2006 reading an essay on patriotism on the audio program's "This I Believe" series.

NPR is National Public Radio and is the news of choice for progressives and armchair liberals, and is enthusiastically embraced by the Mister Fanboy Staff (remember we are news geeks too -- don't even get us started on the fire-breathing dragon that is Nancy Grace). "This I Believe" is an essay program where everyone from politicians and luminaries from diverse fields to regular people like you and you, but not you, submit essays about belief. Essays that are chosen are read by the author on the air. It all sounds rather staid, but the essays as a whole are thought-provoking.

Check out the NPR website for an actual schedule and to find the station near your (or just call the local Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood office, or ACLU affiliate and ask whomever answers the phone and odds are they will be able to tell you). If you live in Texas or Utah, you may not have any of those things in your state, but don't worry, You can download it from the NPR/"This I Believe" website.

Check out the Newsarama story about this here.


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