Thursday, October 05, 2006

UPDATED: We Get Comic Creator Love: David Mack Drops Us A Note

The Mister Fanboy editorial offices, recently relocated to an undisclosed location somewhere in the eastern Pacific (and it ain't that place with those whacked out plane crash survivors), were abuzz today with a blog comment from David Mack himself. We were squealing like Japanese schoolgirls at a pop concert. How did this transpire?

On Tuesday, we highlighted the cover to White Tiger #1, drawn by Mack. Regular readers know of our love for the art of David Mack. See, we kind of idolize him (but not in a creepy way), the same kind props that many of us also give to Samuel L. Jackson, James Bond, and in the case of Mister Fanboy TV, Don Francisco from Sabado Gigante (which kind of creeps the rest of us out).

Mack is the creator/artist/writer of Kabuki (lots of trades!) and the current Kabuki: Alchemy (it kick ass). He has also done runs on Daredevil and the covers to the entire run of the sorely missed Alias, among lots of other work. In all seriousness, his innovative use of media really is key for us. In the same piece, he might use watercolor (which we used to hate for the most part, but no more), text, fabrics, line drawings, and photos to create art. Yeah, that's right. Most of us forget that these guys and gals are working artists and not just hacks showing a hero fly (well, most aren't hacks). With Mack, his artistry is evident. Anyway, back to our story ...

After we highlighted the first issue, the David Mack Guide linked to us here. For those that don't know, the David Mack Guide is an exceptional resource to Mack's work and a good jumping off point for a newbie.

From there, we got a personal message from David Mack. That's right, DAVID MACK HIMSELF left little old us a message. Hence the squealing we mentioned earlier. But get this, you can click here to read it along with the post that got this whole thing started.

The coolest part is the DVD Mack references and the fact that you can preorder it as of TODAY. We'll report on it soon. It's our damn fault for not slacking off more at work and spending more time doing our Mister Fanboy homework. PRIORITIES! We've got to get them straight.

But there are a few more twists to the story. We have met David before, at a couple of conventions. He's a really nice guy. We would give more detail, but we can't risk divulging our secret identities. But wait, there's more. Earlier this week, we touched base with a comic creator in one of those "Do you remember me from high school?" moments. Now we won't talk about it now without permission, but our people will call his people to see if he won't mind us chatting about the connection and the very nice things he said about David Mack. Odd how all of that works out. Hmmm. Stay tuned.

In a very odd sidebar, for some of us, it's been a horrible week so this is something that made us smile. A crown and $800+ on dental work for one and vehicle electrical problems for another. Round that out with a 3 day old stopped up kitchen sink for someone and then there's ... better not. Some things shouldn't be said.

UPDATED 9 PM, PST: Check out the upcoming The Alchemy of Art: David Mack DVD, available for pre-order from your fine comic book establishment now. Click here to see a preview, and you can see first hand what we were talking about with Mack's art. And for those of you who know us in our lives who don't just get why we love comics, the preview shows you why. We'll be giving our shop a call tomorrow to order it. You should do so to.


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