Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, Dear Readers from your good friends (or, as the case may be, not so good friends) here on the Mister Fanboy Editorial Staff. Regardless of the holiday that you celebrate, we hope you enjoy yourselves. For those that are new to the U.S., here's a holiday primer. If you are celebrating:

Christmas-- The real one with Santa or even the Fundamentalist Christian one that isn't fun, party on.

Cha-Hanukkah: We're not Jewish but we like our keugal. Enjoy the big Jewish date night tonight.

Solstice -- You're going to hell for your Wiccan ways and there's nothing you can do about it - see the Fundamentalist Christians for more information. How's that veganism working out for you?

Festivus -- Pray to St. Claire of Assisi - she's the patron saint of television. You are celebrating a holiday invented by a sitcom after all.

Other - Use this chance to reflect on the "otherness" and "disconnectedness" you feel to the rest of mostly Christian America. Welcome to our inclusive society! See Anti-Religion below.

Anti-Religion-- Use this opportunity to reflect on the U.S.'s tradition of the separation of church and state, except for Christians as they are loved by our government (and Jews to some extent, but only because the Christians want to steal Jerusalem).

Now with all that in mind, go out celebrate the birth of this great nation by throwing tomatoes during the running of the bulls while collecting candy from your neighbors and self-flagellating.

We'll be back later in the week. We're heading to the Midwest for a big family howdown that we wish was not in the Midwest and not in December. Feel free to send us giftcards.


Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Mr. Fanboy,
Enjoy the midwest! We here in the South sympathize greatly ;)
Happy Holidays!

1:09 PM  

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