Tuesday, January 16, 2007

David Mack: Alchemy of Art DVD In Stores This Week

We received the following bulletin from David via his Myspace page. Yes, we have one too. Don't ask. It's Cat's - errr, we mean Phil's fault.

In stores this Week!You can see the trailer of it and order it direct from
herovideoproductions.com.Let me know what you think.
We're hoping we - and you - can get it at our local comic shop tomorrow. By the way, the most recent Kabuki: Reflections looks to be a nice complement to the DVD, or a stand alone piece if you prefer. David Mack Guide has links to trailers for the David Mack: Alchemy of Art DVD. As regular readers know, Mack's our favorite artist working in comics today. He's also genuinely friendly and gracious with fans. If you see him at a con, don't be shy.

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