Monday, February 05, 2007

Invite: Telly Savalas' Private Orgy (Ladies Only, Baby)

Update: For reasons that are unclear to us, though assuredly have to do with simultaneus aging of Tina Yothers and increase in popularity of assholes why drive Jetta's, we weren't able to post the clip here. Follow the link, baby.

It's like we've been invited to view Telly Savalas' private orgy room through a camera hidden in someone's anus. Now if that's not enough to get you to watch the clip, we're out of ideas.

Some may say that this is not comics related. We say pshaw! They're has to be a Kojak comic - if not, there should be. Sure this was posted on Boing Boing last week and you've probably already seen it. We say, we've been busy - give us a break.

We'll be back to normal posting shortly. Be patient.

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