Friday, May 05, 2006

Free Comic Book Day Spectacular In A Matter Of Hours!

Cliched librarians and elderly curmudgeons bemoan the Apocalypse.

Run on over to you nearest comic shop today and grab yourself a freebie. Depending on the shop, you may be able to pick up many freebies. From the experience of the Mister Fanboy crack - yes, I said crack again - team of reporters, some shops run out of some of the comics early. Others may have leftover titles for weeks. Not sure if you want to be all namby-pamby and lollygag around the house or if you want to get your inner geek on and head on down to the local comic shop? If you are, just stay there. More for me. For the rest of you, here's the list of what may be available!

Comics that you have a good chance of getting:

Archie Comics 65th Anniversary Bash
Free Comic Book Day Bongo Comics Free- For -All!
Star Wars/Conan Flip-Book
Justice League Unlimited # 1
GI Joe Sigma 6 #1
Disney Comics Presents: Donald Duck
The Transformers/Beast Wars Special
Future Shock
Tokyopop Sneak

Comics you might be lucky to get:

The Preposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom!
Arcana Studio Presents # 3
Worlds of Aspen # 1
Jack the Latern 1942
Soulsearchers & Company / Deadbeats Flip Book
Comic Genesis: Generations 2006
Mr. Jean
Funny Book # 2
Impact University Volume 2
Liberty Girl # 0
Keenspot Spotlight 2006
Bluff & Tales from a Forgotten Planet
Free Scott Pilgrim
Owly: Breakin’ the Ice
Amelia Rules!
Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule # 1
Viper Comics Presents: Dead @ 17 & More
Wizard Presents: The Top 100 Trade Paperbacks of All Time

And if you are into this sort of thing, toys/games like these may be for your taking:

But remember to keep them in their original packaging.


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