Thursday, May 25, 2006

X-Men Last Stand Opens Tomorrow

Expect to see a review here by tomorrow afternoon PST. I just spoke to a friend who was snuck in to a pre-screening for movie theater employees and she wasn't all that impressed. However, she hasn't seen either of the two films in their entirety and is not a fangirl. And she can be a bit of a film snob (I say that with love). She did hint that the end might set up the Wolverine solo film. If it's any indication of the film's expectations in terms of box office, it is playing on all 4 theaters in our largest theater in town all weekend. Regardless, from what I heard about the story it look like it will be a mutant smackdown orgy. No, not that kind of orgy. although, expect to see Sex-Men: Doin' It While They Stand to hit your local adult store in the next few weeks.


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