Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Aquaman Out, Green Arrow In- Yet They Look Remarkably Similar

The Blog at Newsarama reported today that it looks like the folks over at CW (the new merged UPN and WB networks) have passed on the Aquaman series even as a mid-season replacement. Glub-glub. They got this from the yet-to-be-released TV Guide (apparently there's a mole over there) as its too expensive of a show. However, the actor slated to play Aquaman will be donning green tights for an entirely different role in Smallville this coming season: Green Arrow. Green Arrow will appear in 7 episodes and will be planting the seeds for a Justice League. Additionally, they are reporting that they've cast the role of Jimmy Olsen for the series as well (ironically, played by the younger brother of the actor who portrayed Iceman in the X-Men films. You heard it all here 2nd or 3rd. I am feeling too lazy to name the actors here so follow the link.


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