Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Blog Mini-Milestone Is Reached: You Like Us! You Really, Really Like Us

I just checked and today, Mister Fanboy hit the 1000 mark with page views. It's a minor accomplishment (especially considering that my little bro's money-generating blog is at 1.15 million), but one we're proud of our little blog that could. We do this for fun and in the hopes that one day, we could make money too. But we know that's not likely. Thanks for checking out the blog, sharing the addy with your friends, and all that positive crap we're supposed to say. And no, we have no idea were that money is from, other than somewhere in the Arab-speaking world. We only went with it because of the number. Do you know?

By the way, we plan on checking out Strangers with Candy at the moo-vees today hope to have a review up no later than tomorrow.


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