Friday, July 21, 2006

Comic-Con: Friday Photo Dump

Hi all. We just got back to our hotel room from a 12 hour stint at Comic-Con today. Good news. Lots of pictures. Bad news: Batteries died so we can't show you any pix of the Battlestar Galactica or Snakes on a Plane panels we went to. That's Snakes. On. A. Plane. Muthafucka! Here's a pic of all of the schwag we picked up (we could've gotten more but damn it if we were going to spend another minute in line). Note the G'Kar fan from Babylon 5, portrayed by Andeas Katsulas who sadly died recently.

Here's David Mack, the Kabuki artist who you are probably tired of us raving about. He really is a nice guy to his fans, offering to chat and look at portfolios. He even signed like 20 issues for us. We think David rocks!

Here's the Snakes on a Plane booth. props, and a funny poster.

Gail Simone, hairdresser cum comic author of Birds of Prey, among others, with former Fantastic Four author Mark Waid to her left (don't recall what's he's working on now).

A giant Batman made of Legos.

Some sort of spaceship from the Sci-Fi Channel booth.

Richard Kelly, writer and director of Donnie Darko at a panel discussing his upcoming Southland Tales and related graphic novels. We saw a clip. Very weird ... but in a good way, although Justin Timberlake is the star. Hmmmm....

And, of course, and a small selection/assortment of costumed freaks and we mean that in a good way, although they freak us out so we don't talk to them. Except for "Stormtrooper Elvis." Anyway, that's all you're getting from us. It's 10:40 PM and we MUST eat dinner. More tomorrow ...


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