Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fan Art Spotlight: Ms. Marvel

This comes to us from Project Rooftop. Here they have a new design of Carol Danvers, A.K.A. Ms. Marvel, by cartoonist Travel Foreman, with colors done by Chris Piers. We just think it's downright beautiful and a great change from the Ms. Marvel/Warbird costume that she is currently wearing. It replaces the stupid ribbon/belt she has with something more akin to a SM chastity belt, but hey, it's an improvement. It sort of harkens back to her old days as Binary in our opinion. Check out the site. There are lots of fan art redesigns that you may be interested in, such as Power Pack, Fire and Ice, Blue Bettle, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Longshot, Big Barda, rogue, Alpha Flight and more.

Speaking of Ms. Marvel, look for a seperate posting of David Mack's upcoming covers of the Ms. Marvel solo series soon.


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