Tuesday, July 25, 2006

News from Comic-Con That We Didn't Tell You But That We Know You Want To Know: Part 3

Even more info. on things that were reported from Comic-Con from other sites. Please check out Newsarama for specifics as they seem to have the smoothest operation out there.

*A second Avengers book, The Mighty Avengers to debut.

*A "lost" Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issue of Fantastic Four is being worked on by Marvel for publication.

* Fans should keep their eyes out for an Ultimate Black Panther (Editor's Note: No surprise since he's the focus of the Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD).

*Marvel is hoping to do something with Cloak and Dagger in the near future, possibly a mini.

*Marvel is looking to do a Silver Surfer mini around the time that the Fantastic Four 2 film is released.

*Fans should keep their eyes out for Hellcat.

*Batgirl fans should be patient to see what happens to Cassie Cain in Robin.

*Nightwing is such a dick in the Outsiders because he really doesn't like his teammates (Editor's Note: Strange since he worked with so many previously, pretty much without incident).

*Paul Dini is writing a Black Canary/Zatanna GN, with art by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. (Editor's Note: How cool is that!).

*Fans should keep their eyes out for DC animated features for the DVD market. First up to the plate will be The New Frontier, followed by a Superman/Doomsday story, and most awesomely, an animated version of the classic Teen Titans story "The Judas Contract." Expect more after that.

*DC bullshitted their way around the delays on Wonder Woman.

*Adam Hughes on a forthcoming All-Star Wonder Woman?

*Quoting directly from Newsarama now, writer/panelists revealed the following secrets about their books:

Gail Simone: Might see Birds of Prey meet up with Secret Six.
Mark Waid: Might see Supergirl's return to Krypton.
Morrison: The secret origin of Bat-Mite.
Johns: Raven returns to Teen Titans.
Dini: Read Detective closely - may not be as stand-alone as you think.
Busiek: Lana Lang versus the Insect Queen.
Meltzer: In the JLA/JSA crossover, there's a third team (Possibly All-Star Squadron).
Dodson: Neither Donna Troy or Diana Prince is Wonder Woman in issue #3.
Jamal Igle: Mikhail Arkadin is the Firestorm in issue #27
Willingham: Detective Chimp will prove Batman is the best human detective in the DCU, and Blue Devil gets a promotion and starts rhyming.
Bilson: A kid named Inertia is behind a lot of the problems.
Johns: Inertia will be in "Titans East" as well.

*Krypto coming back. Ugh.

*John Stewart in Green Lantern.

*Care for an Ant-Man movie? How about Captain America? Or Nick Fury? How's about Thor? But don't hold your breath for Daredevil 2.

*Nearly surreal discussion between writer Robert Kirkman and writer/artist Todd McFarlane. Read Newsarama's story on it here.

*A My Name Is Earl comic from Oni Press? Why?

*Yipee! A Terra mini! It'll look at her origin. Bring her back. Please. It's a comic. You can do it. I promise not to bitch about it in message boards. Pleeeeeeeze.

More to come.


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