Tuesday, July 25, 2006

News From Comic-Con That We Didn't Tell You But That We Know You Want To Know: Part 2

Here's more info. on things that were reported from Comic-Con from other sites. Please check out Newsarama for specifics as they seem to have the smoothest operation out there.

*IDW Comics will release a 4-part comic mini based on Transformers: The Movie from the 1980s.

*Although probably no surprise to fans, in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker will begin to wonder if he joined the wrong side with Civil War (pro-registration).

*Ben Grimm (The Thing) may move to France as he's unhappy with the Registration Act and its consequences.

*Pro-registration Ms. Marvel will end up teaching and training new heroes, like Arana.

*Apparently, Nitro's destruction in Stamford, CT was part of a conspiracy and will be explored -- where else -- in Wolverine.

*"The Sleeper Cell" back-up story in Civil war: Frontline focuses on Atlanetean sleeper agents, something that Namor's not too happy about. Hey -- What's Sue Storm doing in Atlantis?

*Civil War: X-Men will see appearances by Sabra, Micromax and new Sentinels. Bishop will be on one side (pro-registration), with the original X-Men on the other.

Punisher will begin to play a role in Civil War.

*If you've been wondering where all of the major villains have been, read Civil War: Frontline (Editor's Note: Read Thunderbolts too).

*Beginning with issue #50, Wolverine will explore more of the his past with Sabretooth.

*Don't expect to see Civil War touch on Ghost Rider, but do expect it to be dealt with in Moon Knight.

*Plans are in the works for Scarlet Witch, but don't include a "reset" option that would undo the House of M.

*Readers were asked for patience as to a) what's up with Hawkeye and b) why Thor chose the "side" he did in the most recent Civil War (and reappearing from limbo in the process).

*Heroes, produced by comic writer Jeph Loeb (and former Smallville producer) to be seen on NBC in the fall, got great "buzz" from those we spoke to who had seen clips at the con. They gave out fun buttons too.


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