Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ten Reasons Why We Love The Original Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon

1. She's not only beautiful, but smart. Not just book smart, but Nobel Prize winner smart.

2. She lacks super powers. As Batgirl, she would rely on her smarts and physical abilities, not to mention the occasional utility belt item. As Oracle she generally defeats the baddies without ever being in the same room.

3. She stands up to Batman. Seriously, how many people with super powers would do that? Not many.

4. She's a great leader. Whether she is standing in for Batman and coordinating his Gotham allies, or leading the Birds of Prey, she's usually thinking at least 3 steps ahead. Who else could get Huntress and Black Canary to agree?

5. She doesn't play the pity card. It's been many, many years since the attack on her by the Joker caused her paralysis. Very rarely has she considered herself as less than whole while using her wheelchair. Although there's a possibility that she may be able to walk again, it's been so long since her accident that it wouldn't cast her paralysis in the "storyline stunt" category.

6. She's a great role model. Girls, the disabled, computer geeks - you name it, they can identify with her.

7. She's a useful character that can be used across the entire DC "canvas." Particularly as Oracle, her computer smarts make her invaluable to other heroes in times of need.

8. We get to see her family side. Her close relationship with her father has rarely wavered and is a positive example of familial relations.

9. She's real. From her loves to her other triumphs, she rises and falls like the rest of us without the help of a magic elixir to help her. In that way, she's like us all.

10. She's a redhead. Yep, that's right, a redhead. Seriously, what did you expect? We're a bunch of guys. 9/10 with pure intentions ain't bad.


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