Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stan Lee's Insidious Control Over Popular Culture Continues: Rejoice!

Stan Lee Reality Show

Wanna be a superhero? C'mon, you know you do. Who wouldn't want to control the weather like Storm? Commune with the animals like Animal Man? Take the form or a water like Zan or a capybara like Jana?

Stan Lee's new reality show "Who Want's To be A Superhero" will premier on July 26th on the Sci-Fi Channel. Want to be on it? Too bad, you're too late. You shall be powerless ... unless there's a 2nd season but you're really jumping the gun if you're planning for that. The Ominiscient Octogenarian will host the show himself. No word yet if there will be obstacle courses a la Survivor or Amazing Race, hot tubs like Temptation Island, voting by the public like American Idol or Big Brother, or catfights like on the Surreal Life or Rollergirls. You can expect guys like your neighbor Norm that do not look good in spandex, however.

Reportedly, Stan's already got his catchphrase for contestants who don't make the cut -- "Turn in Your Spandex." Trump will be suing for catchphrase infringement on July 27th.

'Nuff Said.


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