Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All Kneel at the Executioners Sword: THE Reason to Attend This Year's Comic-Con in San Diego

Sure, we know you like to get your Samurai geek on. You wake up early for Samurai films on IFC Saturday mornings and return to the channel hours later for Samurai 7. You dig the Samurai Executioner books that now come out regularly. Kung Fu by Curtis Mayfield is on your Ipod. You have AnimEigo bookmarked on your favorites list. You own the entire Lone Wolf and Cub film series on DVD, buying them one by one as AnimEigo released the new digitally remastered prints with lots of extras. Heck, you even bought the Lady Snowblood Box DVD set.

Well Samurai boys and girls, now you need to make the pilgrimage to Comic-Con in San Diego this 20 - 23 of July. Why you ask? Because none other than Kazuo Koike, co-creator of such works as Lone Wolf and Cub, Lady Snowblood, and even Samurai Executioner will appear at this year's event. Reportedly, it's Koike's first appearance at any Con in the U.S. Make those vacation plans now. Warning: Hotels are pricey in San Diego. Book NOW. I know I am.


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