Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dah-ling: Let's Jump Into Our Private Jet and Head to the Museum to See Some Comic Art

Although comics exhibits in museums are more frequent that you'd probably imagine, the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico just opened a new exhibit over the weekend. Mexican Comic Book Covers (couldn't they have come up with a zippier title?) takes a look at the pulp comics prevalent in Mexico from the 1960s - 1980s. The covers are very reminiscent of Film Noir film posters from the 1930s and U.S. horror comics from the 1950s. The exhibit looks like a great opportunity to check out what had been going on "South of the Border," besides a landed elite perpetuity poverty and narco-traffickers. Don't you just loeve the word narco-traffickers? I know I do.

Come on. Go ahead and get some culture and check out the exhibit (Okay, it's pop culture but culture nonetheless.). Once you do go, report back to me as I've saving my lunch money for Comic-Con. The exhibit is open through July 25 and costs $3 for adults, about the price of a contemporary comic, or gringo tacos from Taco Bell. But don't stay too long. Museum employees are a creepy bunch. Especially curators, they are a bunch of whack jobs. Look at Carter Hall.


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