Tuesday, July 25, 2006

News from Comic-Con That We Didn't Tell You But That We Know You Want To Know: Part 4

Surprise --more info. on things that were reported from Comic-Con from other sites. Please check out Newsarama for specifics as they seem to have the smoothest operation out there.

* Actor Nicholas Cage and his son Wes to write Enigma for new publisher Virgin Comics.

*DC will be spending lots of time and effort on the trinity of Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman in the foreseeable future.

* Wisdom mini from Marvel's MAX line for adults.

*Adam Hughes confirmed as writer of forthcoming All-Star Wonder Woman series.

*Marvel creators hinted that not all of the characters from the upcoming Ultimate Power mini (which sees a meeting of Marvel's Ultimate and Squadron Supreme Universes) will end up in their home universes after the series.

*In the Onslaught Reborn mini, look for young Franklin Richards to be targeted by Onslaught.

*JMS's Bullet Points will take a look at a Marvel Universe (Editor's Note: 616, I believe) where the scientist who first gave Steve Richards the Super-Soldier Serum, turning him into Captain America, is killed one day prior. The future is then impacted.

*Ultimate Vision will take place immediately following Ultimate Extinction.

*Fantastic Four: The End will hit comic shops later in the year giving Alan Davis' version of a possible end to the FF just in time for their 45th anniversary.

*The new Ant-Man will be refreshingly un-hero like and in it for himself.

*Night Nurse will be seen in the upcoming Strange mini.

*Image will publish a Wizard of Oz graphic novel later in the year.

*Lots of great news from the Vertigo line, particularly with Fables, a big reveal in Y, The Last Man #50, and new series. Go directly to read it all at Newsarama here.

*Speaking of Newsarama, check out their index of all Comic-con related stories here. My hats go off to these guys. Seriously. How many are there? There must be an army of them. As much as I love the site, and have checked it out for years, I have never registered on their message board. I'm sold now. I will do it tomorrow. You should too.

*That's it for now. We'll troll for any news we might have missed bit that you MUST know tomorrow. Meanwhile ...


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