Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marvel's Civil War Done By PBS.

Updated: Can someone please explain why we can no longer post You Tube videos with the new blogger? Click here to see the video.

Imagine if Ken Burns worked for the Daily Bugle, or with Marvel's intrepid reporters Manoli or Conan (named after NPR's Neal Conan, by the way), and reported on the recent Civil War story. Imagine no more! See the clip. You know you want to. We found this over at the Blog At Newsarama, which actually found it at iFanboy (how in the world did we not know about this site?). Does this mean we'll be seeing something similar this Fall, what with DC's upcoming World War III story and Ken Burns' upcoming World War II documentary series?

Sure it's about the wrong Civil War, but we thought Dali's work above was a nice change.

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