Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Possible Clue As To Gail Simone's Next Comic Writing Job?

First and foremost, we are dealing in rumor and conjecture here. No doubt about. We found this over at Comics Fairplay, and even there we see lots of cross-postings so who knows what that actually means. But don't forget, most rumors are based on the tiniest sliver of truth. For those who don't know what the hell we are talking about, scroll down to the post below this one.

The next Wonder Woman writer, after Jodi Picoult and Allan Heinberg, is... Kurt Busiek? Maybe. For two issues. Tying into "Superman" #661. Maybe. After that, who knows? Well, probably Gail, but let's try and preserve the illusion of suspense!

If it's true, we'll start picking up the book, which we dropped two issues ago due to the writing (art if gorgeous however).

But wait - there's more! Click the link above if you haven't already and it gets really confusing. Enjoy.

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Blogger Amy Reads said...

Hi Mr. Fanboy,
I am crossing my fingers for a Gail Simone Wonder Woman! I keep telling Mr. Reads that poor Ms. Simone really *can't* write every book we want her to write--I'm sure she wants to sleep sometime, after all!--but heck, I'll do her laundry if she needs me to,[1] just to get a Simone-authored WW title!

[1] We'll have to arrange some very complicated cross-country laundry system, but really, I'll go Quite Far to get Simone on the Amazon Princess!

7:03 PM  

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