Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mister Fanboy Comics: Today's Haul

As all true Fanboys and Fangirls know, today was new comic book day. I've listed my purchases below plus some commentary. Notice that DC's 52 #1 is not on the list. I can't decide if I want to get into it now, or check out the Trade Paperback, which will undoubtedly be much more affordable. A year or less from now.

Cable and Deadpool #28 (I go back and forth on this series. More Deadpool, less Cable, please)
Ex Machina #20 (Consistently well done)
Fables #49 (Mowgli continues his search for Bigby the wolf)
Girls #13 (Series exudes its creepy greatness)
New X-Men #26 (How can you not resist with the spin on the classic Uncanny cover?)
She-Hulk #7 (A laugh riot)
Thunderbolts #102 (I go back and forth on this one too. To be honest, after the Civil War issues, I probably will cut this one from my list. It's too inconsistent.)
Uncanny X-Men #473 (Following up on last ish's Braddock family cliffhanger)
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6 (Vulcan who?)
X-Men: The 198 #5

So, what did you pick up? Let us know in the comments section. Later in the week, I'll write a review of my favorite, or the suckiest. It depends.

Mister Fanboy Comics


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